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5 min readOct 19, 2022


The Other Planet

Is this metaverse innovator about to bypass industry leaders?

Discover how Eikonikos is pioneering social incentives, onboarding, economies, and the conceptual vision of a metaverse.

What in the world is a Sokinoki? Turns out, it is a decentralized social media app. Eikonikos is rolling out the Sokinoki App over the next few months with Beta testing in November 2022. Checkout the post below!

Author’s Note: Looking for a metaverse White Swan? (#DatingApp #MetaverseProfile)

Competition for Musk? Can’t wait to find out, but the innovation doesn’t stop there. Another industry first is how users can enter the metaverse via the app. Imagine waking, or will it be an ‘awakening’, inside the Sleeping Pod below — complete with controls for lighting, colors, voice, and other features to enhance metaverse navigation!

Xaria, right, is an AI bot who assists Eikonikos visitors with navigation and questions, think Alexa or Siri

The Soki is the first Dapp rolling out. At least one more app is completed and is ready for testing. (An insider leak suggests the second app is even more of an industry game changer than the first.)

Tari Global, an international brand manager, recently joined Eikonikos and is lining up several crypto YouTube interviews to support the app rollouts, plus so much more! Several dozen international brands are coming next year to the Eikonikos Mall. This marketplace features an industry-first payment feature for both P2P and B2B sales.

VR shopping and international brands are coming to The Other Planet

Tari Global is also supporting the Eikonikos virtual event in Q1 2023, which includes performances in the amphitheater.

Left: AMPHITHEATER STAGE with an avatar performing Right: VIEW FROM BALCONY

The innovation has been steady. In October some of the metaverse apparel options were leaked. Fashion designer Aiisha Ramadan collaborated with Eikonikos developers to create these stunning designs — available to wear in the metaverse, if you are lucky enough to mint one!

Aiisha will also be opening a wellness and healing studio in Eikonikos.

If it is not apparent already, Eikonikos is truly gaining international respect.

The scope of this article does not include a description of passive earning streams, for example from NFTs or tokens. But, suffice it to say that the program is far beyond ‘staking’ with a clever, comprehensive design.


Follow the photos and captions below for a final, quick 2D tour of this stunning 3D project. A few details are provided at the end to describe the business structure of Eikonikos along with a hint of their many products.

The Launch

Dubai, March 2022, the founders celebrate a $2M USD pre-seed funding from an angel investor group

The Backstory

Sokinokies visit Earth from Eikonikos — The Other Planet
These aliens benefit from human auras and in return share their technology to strengthen human civilization

The Releases

From their in-house staff of 24, a pipeline of tech and art production has been consistently emanating from Dubai, Singapore, and India.

June 2022, the first NFT mint of 3,248 Genesis Passports; perks vary with tiers but each includes 4 land plots
August 2022, Hoodie NFT airdrop then selected passports updated with Indra crystals or Legend PFP metadata
October 2022, yacht NFTs dropped for free to each passport - silver tier and up

The Roadmap

The Team

The Business Structure

Similar to IOHK’s relationship to Cardano, MetaKey Lab, a Dubai based full service Web3 incubator, provides business services to Eikonikos. These services have included funding, business structure, legal jurisdiction compliance, brand collaboration, game partnerships, and outsourcing contracts.

While researching for this article I prepared the graphic organizer below, attempting to illustrate both the business structure as well as the many products and components of Eikonikos. Their metaverse vision is grande and the design is comprehensive. Yes, one should rightly be skeptical of such ambition but Eikonikos is consistently earning trust. They prioritize their tech quality and artistic quality. They consistently release working drops. The team’s respect for world cultures is evident in their art, their policies, their economy designs, their welcoming nature, and their responsive availability on Discord. Click on the picture to expand it.

Putting together bits and pieces to make sense of this comprehensive project

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I invested in Decentraland in 2020 but after some Cardano upgrades made NFTs simple and secure I felt I found a home. I focus on four Cardano metaverse projects and only recently discovered Eikonikos. I have no affiliation or special access with any crypto or project. I simply hold a few NFTs of projects that seem to offer a sustainable value and that also have some type of competitive edge. Nothing in this article should be taken as financial advice. Even if you have your own favorite projects, you should still keep informed of what others are doing. I invite you to do your own research! (w/ Discord/Twitter links);;; YouTube EikoChat -